More Interesting Facts!

While swimming, Adélie penguins can reach speeds of 9 mi/hr (that would be about a seven minute mile!)

Some of the natural predators of the Adélie penguin are: skua and sheathbills (prey on unguarded eggs), leopard seals (most common predator), and killer whales (usually prey on larger species of penguins.)

The Adélie penguins is now a protected species in most countries, but from the eighteenth century to the early twentieth century were hunted for food, oil, and bait.  Their excrement was also mined for to use as fertilizer.

There are no obvious distinguishable traits between males and females.  Some of the more subtle distinguishing factors are the males slightly larger build (especially their bills), the exhibit more aggressive behavior than females.  Also, the difference in sexual positions and incubation routines can aid in distinguishing males and females.

Adélie penguins is the longest studied Antarctic organism.

The adélie penguin is the most abundant and dispersed Antarctic penguin.

The Adélie penguin can live up to 16 years of age.

Adélie penguins are the best studied among the 17 different penguin species in the world.  It is estimated that there are 2.5 million breeding pairs of Pygoscelis adeliae.