More Interesting Facts

Mistletoe features prominently in European mythology.  For example, the Norse god Balder was killed using a piece of mistletoe.  Because the berries develop during the Winter Solstice, mistletoe may have been used in solstitial rites in Druidic Britain, also it was used in Druid rituals as a remedy for barrenness in animals and an antidote for poison.  Since the 18th century mistletoe has been commonly used as a Christmas decoration, in Europe Viscum album is used whereas Phoradendron serotinum is used in North America.  The custom of kissing underneath mistletoe is believed to be of Scandinavian origin, it was the plant of peace in Scandinavian antiquity and if enemies met underneath it by chance they would maintain a truce for the rest of that day.


Baldr's death






















Balder's death from being stabbed with mistletoe