Bluefin have various predators at different stages of their life.  The larvae are fed upon by a wide variety of larger fish.  Juveniles are commonly fed upon by bluefish and seabirds.  As adults, the Bluefin has few predators due to its large size, but it is still fed upon by sharks, including the great white, pilot whales, killer whales, and humans.

Killer Whale   Great White Shark    Pilot Whale

Other Organisms

    Bluefin often interact with Bottlenose Dolphin when they group their prey into giant "bait balls."  Dolphins will often join in the feeding while the tuna have the prey grouped together.  Seabirds join in the feeding as well by diving into the water and plucking fish from the group.  Bluefin are also mutualists with other tuna species because they school together in groups based on size, not species.Copepod at 400x magnification.
    The Bluefin serves as a host to 72 different parasites with 9 being host specific.  Copepods are one of the many parasites.  They are small crustaceans that are found in many aquatic environments and they attach themselves to their host either internally or externally.  Other parasites include flukes, roundworms, tapeworms, and protozoans.

Importance to Humans

    Bluefin  have a large importance to humans around the world as a prized food fish.  It is especially valuable in Japan on the raw seafood market.  For tasty recipes with Bluefin go to this link.
   Bluefin are also a popular sport fish, especially in the U.S.  They are caught by hook and line, and fisherman often seek them out because, with their strength and stamina, they put up a memorable fight.  To experience a fighting Bluefin for yourself you can make reservations for a fishing charter at:


Bluefin tartar       Tuna Steaks       A happy fisherman with his Bluefin