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Bluefin tuna in aquarium

Tuna Species Phylogenic Tree


Domain: Eukarya Multicellular, each containing a nucleus, and has membrane bound organelles.
Kingdom: Animalia Multicellular, hetertrophic, and lacks cell walls.
Phylum: Chordata Posses a dorsal nerve chord, its bilaterally symetrical, has a post-anal tail, and shows pharyngeal structures.
Class: Actinopterygii It belongs to the ray-finned fishes which posses fins that are webs of skin supported by bony spines.
Order: Perciformes It is a "perch-like" fish which means it has dorsal and anal fins divided into anterior spiny and posterior soft-rayed portions.
Family: Scombridae It posses two dorsal fins and a series of finlets behind the rear dorsal and anal fin.
Genus: Thunnus It is a warm blooded fish.  "Thunnus" means tuna in Latin.
Species: Thunnus thynnus A species of tuna native to both the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean.