Poinsettia Cyathia (Photograph by Frank Vincentz via Wikipedia Commons)
Poinsettia Cyathia (Photograph by Frank Vincentz via Wikipedia Commons)

Euphorbia pulcherrima 

The Poinsettia

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 Hey all! First let me say thank you so much for stopping by my site...it took me absolutely forever to make and is probably the hardest assignment I've ever had. For that I would like to thank my Organismal Biology professors, Dr. Volk and Dr. Sandland. (Good grade please!) Anyways, my name is Christine Vick and I am a student at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Currently my major is Biology with a Biomedical Concentration and a minor in Chemistry. With that, I hope to go into either Physical Therapy or something working with genetics. I came way across the state from the little old town of North Prairie, Wisconsin to go to UWL...quite a hike but I am very happy with my college decision. At home I work as a waitress and in my spare time I enjoy relaxing and spending time with my family, friends, and pets. I chose the poinsettia as my webpage organism because it reminds me very much of the Christmas season which was the theme of this year's webpage assignment. During the holidays, there is almost always a poinsettia or two around my house and the church I attend always incorporates them heavily into their decoration. The below picture of my family sitting in front of numerous "poinsettia Christmas trees" was taken almost ten years ago on a trip to Florida around Christmas time. (Thanks for digging it up mom!)

Thanks again for visiting my site! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at: vick.chri@students.uwlax.edu





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