Poinsettia Cyathia (Photograph by Frank Vincentz via Wikipedia Commons)
Poinsettia Cyathia (Photograph by Frank Vincentz via Wikipedia Commons)

Euphorbia pulcherrima 

The Poinsettia

Fun Facts


10 things you may not have known about the poinsettia:Poinsettia Sketch (Drawing via Wikipedia Commons)


1. The flowers of a poinsettia are the small, cup-like structures called cyathia at the center of the red "petals," not the red "petals" themselves. These are actually modified leaves called bracts. 

2. The red leaves of the poinsettia can be used to make dyes for clothing and has been used for this purpose since the days of the Aztecs. 

3. National Poinsettia day is December 12th. 

4. Women purchase about 80% of all poinsettias sold. 

5. Even with all the color choices available, a great majority of people still prefer the traditional red colored bracts. 

6. You can tell the freshness of a poinsettia by observing its pollen...the less you can see, the fresher then plant. 

7. The poinsettia can also be referred to as the "lobster flower" and the "Mexican Flame Leaf" among numerous other names.

8. All parts of the poinsettia are poisonous, but even a small human would have to ingest a huge amount to experience more than a slight stomach ache. 

9. Poinsettias are pollinated by both insects and birds. 

10. There are many varieties of poinsettias...over 100 actually.




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