Poinsettia Cyathia (Photograph by Frank Vincentz via Wikipedia Commons)
Poinsettia Cyathia (Photograph by Frank Vincentz via Wikipedia Commons)

Euphorbia pulcherrima 

The Poinsettia


As mentioned in my About the Author section, I created this site in response to an assignment I was given for my Organismal Biology class at UWL. Organismal Biology classes have done this assignment two consecutive years before this. It is my professor Dr. Volk's goal to assemble a widespread, informational database of the organisms chosen. All the students' websites from this year and previous years are available for viewing online at:



If you are a flower enthusiast and are specifically interested in more anthophyta/angiosperms, check out some of the following flora websites other UWL Organismal Biology students have created:                                            


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