About Me

My name is Lindsay Wasicek.  I grew up in Germantown, Wisconsin with an older brother and my parents.  I am currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  I will be graduating in December 2009 with a BS in Biochemistry and a BS in Biology with a biomedical concentration.  I plan on continuing my education in graduate school upon completion of my undergraduate degrees.

This website was created as an assignment for Organismal Biology, a course at UW-La Crosse, with the hopes of informing people about the interesting, and sometimes controversial opium poppy.

                               Taken with my digital camera

Both of my parents are pharmacists and therefore I have been around the medicinal world my entire life.  Medicine and it's derivatives have always fascinated me, and my curiosity has grown exponentially in the past few years of studying biology and chemistry at UWL.  That is why I chose to research the medicinal plant, Papaver somniferum.



Special thanks goes out to all of the references I used, to the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, and to my professors, Dr. Sandland and Dr. Volk!

Thanks again for checking out my website.  Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns: