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Taxonomy &


Kingdom  Animalia 
Phylum  Chordata 
Class Osteichthyes     or Actinopterygii 
Order  Salmoniformes 
Family  Salmonidae 
Genus  Salmo 
Species  Salmo salar

Image Provided by Gilbert van Ryckevorsel

Domain:  EUKARYA

This is one of three domains.  All organisms with a true nucleus and membrane bound organelles fit into this domain!  An example of an organism in one of the other two domains is Deinococcus radiodurans representing the bacteria.

Animalia: Kingdom that encompasses all animals.

Chordata: All vertebrates.  At some point in their lives, they have a dorsal nerve cord, notocord, pharyngeal slits, an endostyle and post-anal tail.

Osteichthyes or ActinopterygiiBony fishes or ray-finned fishes. It is debated which class Salmo salar belongs too.  It fits in both because it is a bony fish and has ray fins. Another fish in this class is Micropterus salmonides.

The base of the tree shown below is not labeled, but it represents Gnathostomata which is a superclass of the subphylum vertebrata (Subphylum: Vertebrata).

Salmoniformes:  This is the order of fish displayed on the phylogenetic tree below.  It includes all salmons, trouts, whitefishes, and smelts.

Salmonidae: Family of ray-finned fish that trout, graylings, whitefishes, chars and of course SALMON!

Salmo: Includes 29 species of salmon and trout.



Where in the world could these big fish live?! Why don't we check out their habitat!


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