A female Atlantic Salmon can lay up to 1,600 eggs per kilogram of her body weight!

  • Mature female salmon carry 22% of their body weight in eggs!

  • For every million Atlantic Salmon eggs spawned, one albino fish will be produced.

  • Salmo salar is one of only 87 species of fish that migrates between fresh and salt water.

  • The largest Atlantic Salmon caught in North America weighed 55 pounds!

  • Atlantic Salmon will swim up to 2,500 miles to feeding grounds.

  • Wild Atlantic salmon lose all their teeth and grow new ones when they return to fresh water from the ocean.

  •  Atlantic salmon were one of the earliest known art subjects.

The scales of a salmon can specify the age of the salmon and when and how many times it has migrated.


All interesting facts presented here are those of the Atlantic Salmon Federation (asf.ca).

Adult Female Salmon - Image located at http://salmonphotos.com/

Image Provided by Gilbert van Ryckevorsel


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