Interactions with Other Organisms

One of the most important interactions for the Commiphora species is a mutualistic animal-plant interaction between the species and birds and mammals. An article titled Seed Dispersal by Frugivorous Tree Visitors in the Malagasy Tree Species Commiphora guillaumini explains an experiment done to track seed distribution in a specific Commiphora species. The results of this experiment showed that the most common organisms to come in contact with the species included four bird and one mammal species: vasa parrots Coracopsis nigra and C. vasa, the common Jery Neomixis tenella, the White-headed Vanga Leptopterus viridis, and the diurnal lemur Propithecus verreauxi. To learn more about a lemur species related to Propithecus verreauxi, check out the Lemur catta webpage.

Commiphora Photo Courtesy of Alex Dreyer