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My name  is Mark Blazel, I am from Eau Claire Wisconsin, and I am a second semester freshman at UW La Crosse. I am a Biology major with a Biomedical concentration and a Chemistry minor. After I graduate I hope to go to on dental school and eventually become a dentist. I made this website as a part of my Organismal Biology class, taught by Dr. Greg Sandland, and Dr. Thomas Volk, and this years theme was food organisms. Learning about sage has been a real eye opener. I never would have thought something that tasted so good would have so many other purposes! Aside from school, I enjoy almost any activity outdoors, especially soccer, skiing, kubb, rollerblading, and unicycling. I love spending lots of time with my friends and doing anything that comes to mind!

I hope you enjoyed my website and found sage as interesting as I did!

For any questions feel free to contact me at blazel.mark@uwlax.edu

To see what my classmates did their web page on, check out the Multiple Organisms web page.