Pacific herring live in the North Pacific Ocean and many surrounding seas. In the western North Pacific they are found throughout the Western Bering Sea to Japan and even to the Yellow Sea. In theThis image can be found at http://www.arkive.org/pacific-herring/clupea-pallasii/image-G84870.html eastern North Pacific Ocean Pacific herring are found in parts of Baja California to some parts of Mexico and more north towards Alaska. Pacific herring can also be found in the Russian Arctic. They are found from surface depths to 1300 feet below. Many other species are found in the same habitat as the Pacific herring, many of which are predators like sharks and whales. They also share their habitat with many other species of fish and other plants and animals. Like some corals, for example the Conus magnus, sponges like the Cryptotethya crypta, and starfish like the Asterias rubens,

Their habitats have been effected by oil spills, hurricanes, and other natural disturbances. These cause dramatic drops in population, because spawning grounds are most often destroyed. To read more about how populations of herring adapt and survive these disturbances, particularly oil spills,  read this article by John Upton of the New York Times.

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