Salmonella BacteriaBrevibacterium linens Thermophilic Bacteria
                          By: Jacob Fischer



Brevibacterium linens is a type of coryneform bacteria. These type of bacteria need air (aerobic) to grow. They do not produce spores and are gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria.

This organism is able to live in a wide variety of environments. First of all, it is a free livingGlass of Milk organism. Brevibacterium linens does not depend upon another organism for survival. It is able to live in food (particularly cheeses or milk), on human skin, or in the soil.
This organism prefers to live in slightly acidic to basic environments with pH of 5.5-9.5

This particular species is considered both a mesophile and a halophile.
    Mesophile - "a microorganism that grows best at 20° to 55°C" (according to
    Halophile - "an organism that fluorishes in a salty environment" (According

There are many different types of "philes". There are also sacrophile, thermophiles, acidophiles, alkaliphiles, and many more. A mesophile is considered to grow at a normal temperature. A sacrophile fluorishes in low temperature environments. A thermophile is a heat-loving oganism that grows best at high temperatures. The acidophiles live in acid; however, they cannot tolerate the acid as it would break them down. The acidophiles have enzymes to protect themselves from the acidity. Finally, the alkaliphiles live in very basic environments. However, they too cannot tolerate these conditions. They use the same concept as the acidophiles to protect themselves.

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