Salmonella BacteriaBrevibacterium linens Thermophilic Bacteria
                          By: Jacob Fischer


Making Cheese

Limburger cheese is the most common type of cheese that is made by using Brevibacterium linens. Limburger cheese is an extremely delicious, yet incredibly smelly cheese. It originated from Limburg in the Netherlands, hence the name "Limburger".
To make Limburger cheese, you take a sweet milk and heat it to 90° F with rennet and cultures of bacteria. After the milk heats up, it separates into whey and curds. The whey is discarded, whereas the curds are cut when they are firm. Next, The curd is stirred and heated again so that it may soften. After this, the curd is pressed into bricks. These bricks are then placed in a high humidity environment so that they may ripen for approximately two to three weeks. After it is done ripening, the cheese is left to age.Limburger Cheese

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