Who doesn't like to chew gum?          

Well you have to be careful what form of this bacteria, Xanthomonas campestris, you decide to chomp down on.  You got the choice of either the plant pathogenic bacterium or the non-toxic, all natural food additive, xanthan gum.  I mean you decide based on just their names which you would prefer..

No this is not your typical chewing gum that this bacteria produces, it is actually a heteropolysaccharide that is removed from Xanthomonas campestris.  Through a mechanism involving fermentation a powder-like cream is produced which is currently the leading replacement for gluten in food production and other products.  This non-toxic, all natural food additive is known as xanthan gum.

The importance that this bacteria has in agriculture production, whether it is causing death amongst specific plants or helping in the production of human food, makes it already a very intriguing and interesting organism to learn more about.  So go ahead and find out where Xanthomonas campestris comes from to further understand its fascinating life and affect on the world.