Walleye Habitat

Walleye are found through much of Canada and the northern United States. They are found in moderate climate; temperatures ranging from 65 degrees F to 75 degrees F. Walleye can be found in large rivers, lakes, and ponds as long as there is a food source for them. Walleye mostly spawn in rivers. They prefer hard clean surfaces such as rock bottoms or cliff faces. Walleye will also likely be located near turbulent or "rough" water. They are able to see very well through turbulent water due to their advanced eyes which gives them a huge advantage over their prey.

The mysterious predator often prefers deeper water during the day and will come up at dusk to feed. They feed mostly on other minnows and small fish but will occasionally feed on crayfish and mayflies.  This unpredictable carnivore is very difficult to catch due to the fact that they will first "nibble" on the bait to get a taste. They do this to see if they want to continue their meal. Have a look at what adaption's make walleye such a great predator.