Highbush blueberry. Used with permission from Daniel Ahlqvist.

Where is the highbush blueberry found?

Distribution map of highbush blueberry.  Photo courtesy of USDA.Vaccinium corymbosum is native to the United States, meaning it was not artificially transplanted form another region of the world.  The highbush blueberry is most prominent in the Northeastern region of the United States, as well as Southeastern Canada.  Vaccinium corymbosum grows best in acidic soils, as well as areas that receive a lot of sunlight.   They can be found to some extent in all areas highlighted in green on the map.  Acidic soil is necessary for the growth of Vaccinium corymbosum.  Well-drained soil, as well as a high level organic material, is necessary for growth.  The soil pH must be between 4.5-5.5 for highbush blueberries to grow.


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