Bos grunniensThe Yak


Yaks have been raised for centuries for their byproducts, for yak butter but most significantly for their meat. Inhabitants on the Tibetan Plateau have been eating yak's meat even before the yak was domesticated. For the few people that still live in these mountain regions, yak meat is actually a main part of the diet and food such as fruits and vegetables are more scarce because they must be brought in. The environment is too harsh to grow many crops. Yak meat is fairly dry and a little tough, but it does have a sort of sweet taste to it.
In more recent years the yaks have been making their way to U.S. farms. Because of this, yak's meat may become much more common to see in the U.S. in the future. There are many sites that devote themselves to the raising of yaks and yaks meat recipes. There are even a few sites that specialize in selling yaks meat. Check out this site for recipes and try yak yourself!

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