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About Me

My name is Bridget Ladell and I am currently a freshman majoring in Molecular Biology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. This major may change over time, but my career goal definitely lies in the Biology area of study along with traveling all over the world, hopefully. This web page was part of an Organismal Biology class that I am enrolled in. For this assignment, we chose an organism that is consumed for food or used in the process of making food. I chose to research and create a web page on the yak after visiting China to see my sister 3 years ago and actually seeing domesticated yaks in the mountains and trying yak meat.

I am from Madison, Wisconsin. I love spending a day reading, or being outside. My favorite thing is to spend time with my family and friends. The picture on the right is of my brother Peter on the right, sister Kate in the middle, and me on the left. The picture on the left is of my parents Therese and Tom visiting my sister Colleen, husband Enya, and son Felix in China. I have my family to thank for many of the pictures on this site. 

Contact me with any questions you might have just email me: Also you can feel free to contact either or both of my professors; Dr. Tom Volk at  or Dr. Greg Sandland at

Thank you so much for learning about Bos grunniens on this site. See my classmates' pages on the Multiple Organisms page; head back to the Home page.