About me

Photo of me, taken by Johanna Fischer     Hi, my name is Elise Montesinos and I’ve created this website for an Organismal Biology class at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I plan to major in biomedical sciences and minor in Spanish. I hope to go to dental school and eventually become an orthodontist where I can pick out leftover watermelon from braces. (I can’t wait!)
I grew up in Verona, Wisconsin, a town right next to Madison. From growing up right next to Madison, I’m a huge Wisconsin sports fan, especially for the Badgers. Not only do I love watching sports, but I like to play them as well. I’ve played just about every sport at some point in my life, but my favorites are lacrosse and snowboarding. Living in Wisconsin, snowboarding keeps me entertained and thankful for the long, snowy winters. 
     Like I just stated, I've made this website for a biology class. The project consisted of choosing an organism that is used in food, and making aPersonal photo taken by Johanna Fischer website about it. I chose the watermelon because I figured it would be a relatively easy organism to research and write about. However, it turned out to be not as easy to research as I had originally thought. Not too many people think about the Citrullus lanatus as being a plant, so factors such as reproduction were not easy to find. Although it was difficult at times, learning about the watermelon became increasingly more interesting to me. Now, whenever I eat watermelon, I have a much higher appreciation for it, and hopefully after exploring my website, you will too!

Thank you for visiting my webpage all about the wonderful watermelon. I encourage you to check out other great organisms on the Multiple Organisms website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at montesin.elis@uwlax.edu
Or you can contact one (or both) of my professors for this course:
Thomas Volk - tvolk@uwlax.edu
Gregory Sandland- gsandland@uwlax.edu