Sexual ReproductionHellloooooo
Glycyrrhiza glabra  produces seeds in protective cases known as pods. These seeds are produced when the plant is able to successfully transfer pollen between plants. This is carried out by utilizing the power of the wind. Studies have been done to determine the germination rate of the seeds and has been determined to be around 20 percent. Due to the low germination rate of the seeds, commercial use of the plant has been limited. To improve the germination rate of the seeds a few steps can be taken. To do this seeds are stratified for several weeks and then soaked for a long period of time. Treated seeds have a much higher germination rate of 80 percent, making the use of this medicinal plant much more plausible. When planted germination will take around 2 weeks.


Vegetative Propagation
Glycyrrhiza glabra is known to send out long roots that tend to be closer to the surface relative to the other roots of the plant. These roots can grow in upwards of 6 feet in length and are capable of growing additional plants off of them. This allows for the plant to spread without having to reproduce sexually. Glycyrrhiza glabra also has the ability to re-sprout from harvested roots. This means that if something were to happen to the upper portion of the plant, the plant could simply re-grow and continue to flourish.

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