Citrus limon- Lemon




From Seed To Store:

The lemon seed is small, and oval shaped with a point on one end.  Germination of these seeds occurs within the soil.  Once the seed absorbs moisture and swells, the radicle emerges through the seed coat.  The radicle is the first part of the plant to emerge from the seed.  After germLemon Blossomination these is a long period of growth between the seedling stage and the blossoming stage.  The trees are typically four to five meters tall.  The lemon tree does not flower until it is at least two years old.  Flowering then occurs multiple times a year.  The flower buds of lemon trees are typically pink and the open flowers are usually white. 

 When the flowers are open its time for pollination and fertilization to happen.  Fertilization can either occur by insect pollination, self pollination or cross pollination.  Once the fertilization occurs the petals and stamen of the flower fall off and the fruit starts to develop. 

It takes about five to seven months to grow a lemon.  The amount of time it takes depends on how soon theBee Pollinating Lemon Flower producer plans on selling the fruit.  If the lemons are picked at approximately five months the producer has more time to sell them since they need to ripen before they are ready to be used.  So a lemon picked at five months will be green.  However, if the lemon is yellow, the outside is thin, smooth and fine grained the lemon has reached maturity and need to be sold quicker.  After the lemons are harvested they are sold to stores and companies for various reasons and the cycle starts all over again.



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