Citrus limon- Lemon




Domain: Eukarya
Citrus limon is in this domain because they have eukaryotic cells.  This means that the cells in a lemon have a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.  The cells also are much more complex and larger than prokaryotic cells.  Some examples of organisms in the Eukarya domain are Butorides virescens also known as the Green Heron and Holothuria pardalis commonly known as the Sea Cucumber.

Kingdom: Plantae
Citrus limon is in this kingdom because the cells in a lemon have cell walls and use photosynthesis and absorption to obtain nutrients.  An example of another organism in this kingdom is Cynara scolymus or Globe Artichoke.

Phylum: Magnoliophyta
This phylum is also known as the angiosperms.  Angiosperms are flowering plants.  Lemons belong to this group because the lemon tree blossoms.  Lemon trees also have roots, a stem, and leavers and after it flowers it also produces fruit (lemons) to protect their seeds.  Another organism that is in this phylum with Citrus limon is Dioscorea villosa L also known as Wild Yam.

Class:  Magnolicpsida
Another name used to refer to this class is the "dicots".  Citrus limon has two embryonic leaves which are known as cotyledons.  Dicots also have net-like veins in the leaves, vascular tissue is usually arranged in a ring, and the flower petals are typically in multiples of four or five. Psidium guajava is also in this class.

Order: Sapindales
Citrus limon belongs to this order because they are considered to be a woody plant and they have lobed or compound leaves.  They are classified as a woody plant because the lemon is produced by a woody plant , the lemon tree. An example of another organism in this order is Anacardium occidentale or more commonly known at the cashew.

Family: Rutaceae
Citrus limon is in this family because members of this family are shrubs and woody plants that typically have a strong smell.  An organism that is also in this family is Citrus reticulata or Mandarin Orange.

Genus: Citrus
Citrus limon
belongs to this genus because the lemon is edible and has a high amount of Vitamin C. An example of a fellow member of the Citrus genus is Citrus sinensis.

Species: Citrus limon
In English Citrus limon means a small evergreen tree that produces oval shaped fruit.

                            Phylogenetic Tree of Eukarya Domain 

Phylogentic Tree of Lemon

 The phylogenetic tree above shows where Citrus limon is compared to other eukaryotic organisms.  Citrus limon  is located in the Archaeplastida supergroup.  Within the Archaeplastida supergroup, Citrus limon is located in the land plants which is circled in red.  The phylogenetic tree below show the genus Citrus limon is in which is Citrus.  Other organisms in this genus include oranges, grapefruits and limes.

Phylogenetic Tree of Genus Citrus
Phylogentic Tree of Lemon

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