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Fun Facts about Alpacas!

I decided to do my webpage on the alpaca, because it is an interesting organism. It is also one of my favorite animals. The alpaca ties into this years mission at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse to create a sustainable world. They fit because alpacas can be eaten and they also can be used for their fleece.

Alpacas will sometimes spit if they become annoyed. When they are extremely annoyed they will spit food at you from their stomach. Their spit is also a chemical weapon.

Life Span: 20 years

The name of a group of alpacas is a herd. Females are referred to as cows and males are bulls. All the alpacas of a herd use a communal manure pile.

Vicunga Vicugna



The alpaca is most closely related to the Vicuña.  Unlike the alpaca, the Vicuña has never been domesticated.  




Two different breeds of alpacas

There are two different breeds of the alpaca. The fleece of the alpaca is the only difference between the Suri and the Huacaya.

Suri Alpaca


The Suri alpaca has silky, pencil like fleece that drapes down their bodies. The fleece has no crimps in it and is shorn about every two years.




Huacaya alpaca



Huacaya are the more common alpaca. They have crimpy, short, dense fleece that grows straight out of their bodies. They get shorn every year.



To learn about their scientific classification click here!

Just for Laughs!

Whats an alpacas favorite videogame?
-alPaca man.

What is one way that alpacas will become famous?
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-Look like Jacob Black!


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-Oh my gosh its the end of the world!!
-Wait! from alpacas?!?

 Watch some fun alpaca videos!!
Alpaca Sex on the News
The Dancing Alpaca

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