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In the Andes of Peru Alpaca meat is an important food source. Alpaca is a good source of protein and it is also low in fat and cholesterol. (3) Alpaca meat also has essential minerals to the human diet and can be compared with beef.(3) In 100 grams of meat, alpaca has less calories than beef, pork, and lamb.

Alpaca Recipes
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Carpaccio of Alpaca with Avocado and Orange Juice Mayonnaise
What you need
: 90g Alpaca tenderloin
70g Thinly-sliced Avocado 7g Julienne Spanish Onions 5g Molle (Peruvian Pepper) 6g Shaved Parmesan Cheese 12ml Orange Juice Mayonnaise 2ml Olive Oil 2g Organic Herbs 2 Whole Star Anise 1 tsp chopped Cinnamon Quill 20g Dark Brown Sugar 25g Rock Salt
Preparation: Clean and trim tenderloin of any sinew or fat. With a heavy-based pan and little oil, very quickly seal the alpaca, then cool. To prepare the curing mix, place molle peppercorns along with star anise and cinnamon quill in a pan on high heat. When aromatic flavors start pluming, take off heat and either in a mortar or food processor blend to powder form. To cure, place some clingwrap on bench, sprinkle curing mix in middle to accommodate the alpaca, then sprinkle cure mix on top and around the alpaca, roll cling wrap around alpaca as to make a cylinder, do this twice then one layer of aluminum foil. Place in freezer for a total of 12 hours. Remove from freezer, slice carpaccio thin, then assemble with small ¼ of avocados, julienne Spanish onions, orange juice mayonnaise, olive oil and organic herbs. (14)
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Alpaca with Aguaymanto Sauce

    Alpaca dish

What you need: Alpaca meat, and for the sauce 3 cups sweet white wine 1 cup golden berries compote  (or apricot). You can make the compote cooking the dried golden berries or aguaymanto, with half the amount of sugar (by weight), and one cup of water. Boil at medium heat, stirring constantly, until thick and syrupy. 4 oz. butter ¼ cup parsley leaves, chopped Salt and pepper.
Preparation: Grill up the alpaca steaks. Then drizzle the sauce over the steaks for a delicious meal! (15)
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Alpaca Soup
What you need: 4 kg alpaca meat, back loin; 1/2 kg Maize flour; 3 kg potatoes; 5 tablespoon olive oil oregano and salt
*feeds 20 people
Preparation: Boil the Maize flour in a saucepan for 10 minutes, then let the water drain out. Cut the meat and the onion into peaces, and fry in olive oil. Add to the stewed maize, mix and, then add sliced potatoes, three liters of hot water and boil during 30 minutes. Add salt and oregano. (16)
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Alpaca Stuffed Peppers


What you need: 1 lb alpaca mince 1 cup chopped spinach ½ cup leeks 3 Tbsp butter Crushed red chili to taste 1 tsp crushed garlic salt & pepper 4 med sized peppers (color of choice)
Preparation:  Cut top off peppers, remove seeds and devein. Wash and turn upside down on paper towel until ready to use. In frying pan, on low heat, melt the butter, add leeks. When leeks start to cook, then add the garlic, minced alpaca, crushed chili, salt and pepper. Stir frequently. Cook until alpaca mince is browned. Turn off the heat, add chopped spinach and stir together. Divide and stuff into peppers. Top with cheese Place on oven tray and bake for approx. 25 minutes until outside of the pepper is wilting and cheese has melted.(17)
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Alpaca Meatballs and Spaghetti with Cream and Cheese


What you need: 3/4 kg of alpaca hamburger; 150 g cheese; 600 g spaghetti "al dente"; 1 spoonful fresh sliced rosemary; 2 spoonful corn starch; 3 spoonful butter; 1 egg; 1pot of cream; salt, black pepper; parsley.
*feeds 4 people
Preparation: Prepare the meatball adding salt, black pepper and rosemary. Add egg and corn starch. Mix vigorously for 5 minutes. Make nut-size balls and keep them in the fridge for 1 hour. Then, roll them in flour and fry in a low fire. In a pan, add butter, spaghetti al dente, fried meatballs, cream, parmesan cheese and parley. (18)
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