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          Hello! My name is Charlie Schiappacasse. I created this webpage as part of a school project my sophomore year in college. We were tasked with finding an organism that could be utilized by humans as a food source and creating an informational webpage for the public. I chose M. differentialis or the grasshopper, because I felt that insects in general were a highly underutilized/appreciated food source.

          As primates, we humans should have insects as a staple food in our diets. As the world population continues to rise, so to do our problems as a species. Many methods of modern food production are inefficient and unreliable for a growing population. Rearing large species of animals for livestock and a primary source of protein is not a sustainable practice for a growing population. Insects provide a cheaper and healthier alternative protein source and can potentially become an inexpensive and sustainable form of livestock. Logically speaking it is remarkable that insects haven’t been mass-produced as a food source already. The only factor preventing this from happening are peoples preconceived notion of insects being disgusting creep-crawlies.  In fact many cultures around the world already use insects as a food source. It’s funny to think that in the United States lobster and crab are expensive delicacies when they are arthropods just like insects. With their six legs and crunchy outer layer insects are hardly an attractive menu item, but perhaps ground into a protein supplement powder like soy or whey could make them a palatable meal.

          I'd like to give a special thanks to everyone that helped provide the pictures and information for this website!


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