The Cicada has a very healthy population and is thriving throughout the world. This is due to several different adaptations this organism has made to survive in this dog eat dog world.

If you look at how periodical cicadas emerge from the ground every 13 or 17 years you can see that this is a huge adaptation. By emerging so many years apart predators can rely on this being a viable food source year to year and therefore can not specialize in eating Cicadas. Another advantage of this lifestyle is that they all emerge at once so they overwhelm the predators and ensure that enough of them survive in order to reproduce and create the next generation.

The nymphs have adapted to life underground by not having very well developed eyes, as they would be useless underground, and have very well developed forearms for digging through the dirt.

The adult has developed muscular wings so it can fly to the tops of trees and use there rigid membranes do create there distinctive noise. Another big advantage they have made is that they have a hollow abdomen to allow the sound be amplified to almost deafening levels.


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