Annual Cicadas have numerous predators mostly birds that enjoy feasting on Cicadas in the summer months when they emerge from the ground. For animals who eat Periodical Cicadas they absolutely gorge themselves during the years the Cicadas emerge. Unfortunately for these predators this only happens with a minimum of every thirteen years. So for the particular species of the predators this is not such a great food source since its not available for some whole life times of these species.

As mentioned in the nutrition section of my website in order for the Cicada to sustain itself with its diet of tree sap it had to form a mutualistic relationship with the bacteria, Hodgkinia cicadacola. This bacteria is the only way the Cicada lifestyle is possible and as mentioned before this is a pretty special bacteria.

As for us humans not many of us know this, but Cicadas are enjoyed all over the world as a nutritious, tasty snack. They are high in protein and very low fat. They also contain a good set of vitamins and because of their tree sap diet they have a plan-like, asparagus flavor to them. They can be eaten raw or boiled and many different ways. Some people even cover them in chocolate and eat them.








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