Home Sweet Home.

The Cicada live in mainly wooded areas for a variety of reasons. The nymphs rely on the tree sap for nourishment. The adults have fully developed wings so they can be seen outside of the woods like in a field or pasture but they rarely go far from the comfort of their wooded home. The males are responsible for making the loud whining noise which they do from tree branches to attract a mate. The females lay their eggs in the twigs so they too rarely go far from the woods. Another major reason why they live in wooded areas is that when the nymphs emerge from underground they immediately climb the first thing they find in order to molt and become an adult cicada. It is to their advantage that the thing they climb is a tree because that is where the adult gets its nutrition and where it attracts a mate.

Cicadas are wide spread throughout the world. They can be found in almost any state east of the Mississippi and are most numerous in Australia and Asia.


Nymphs are the premature form of a cicada and they they develop underground where they survive on tree root sap. The annual Cicadas live underground for about two-five years, whereas, the Periodical Cicada, depending on which brood it's in, live underground for either thirteen or seventeen years.




The Cicada adult once it molts for the last time and grows wings, only lives for a few weeks. During its time as an adult it eats very little but it does eat contrary to the common misconception that an adult Cicada doesn't eat at all. It spends most its time trying to attract a mate and reproduce.

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