Pollicipies polymerus is not very complicated when it comes to reproduction. It is hermaphroditic, which means that it has both types of gentiles. P. polymerus needs to be within close proximity with other barnacles so it can extend the 1.5 inch penis it contains within its shell to fertilize other barnacles. Sometimes on rare occasions, it with self fertilize. After it has fertilize another egg, it takes up to four months for the eggs to fully develop. The eggs are then released from the oviducts in quantities of 100,000-240,000 that are coated with a special slime to stick to rock surfaces underwater to grow in large groups. P. polymerus reproduce during the warmer months of the year, and the eggs take up to 8 months or more to reach maturity. The barnacles don't reach full reproductive potential till around 27 mm in size, but some are sexually mature at around 17 mm in size.


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