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Hello, my name is Xai Xiong and I am currently attending the University of La Crosse Wisconsin, in 2012 as a freshman.  I am a video and computer gamer but I also like to play soccer and tennis on my free time.  I am an outgoing (sometimes) person and I like to laugh a lot, maybe too much sometimes.  I am equally an outdoors person as a indoors person depending on the weather because of its bipolar attitude.  I am the middle child of my family which I consider myself to be most independent and it is pretty cool, I think.  I hope to major in Biology, but as of right now I got to step my game a bit if I think.  I also have a big passion in music and wished I was more talented but I'm not.  My favorite artist is Bruno Mars; though I listen to a wide variety of songs as long as they have meaning.  That's pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed this website and take care.
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~Beware though, I am no professional at this organism, just another researcher like you~

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