Coprinopsis atramentaria  is most commonly found throughout Britain, Ireland, most other European countries, and North America.  They are usually prominent from May to September. 

Inky cap mushrooms are generally saprobic, meaning they derive nutrients from decaying organic material.  They usually grow in close clusters on rotting hardwood, like fallen trees (illustrated to the left), mulch, or stumps, and sometimes grow in rich organic soil. They will often grow out of buried logs, which can give it the appearance of being terrestrial.  Many other coprinoid mushrooms thrive in dung.  This mushroom also needs moisture to be present in order to facilitate the function of hydrolytic enzymes.

Some examples of hardwood trees that are possible substrates for Coprinopsis atramentaria are Silver Maple, or cottonwood trees.                                                     

Having this type of habitat calls for special adaptations in order to thrive, to find out more click here.