Photography by Tom Volk

Galerina autumnalis: Deadly Galerina

Mushroom hunting is a wonderful past time, but before you make a meal out of your findings be certain Galerina autumnalis* is not on your plate! This toxic mushroom does not hold the name Deadly Galerina just for its looks! This webpage is a deep exploration of this interesting organism.

Photography by Tom Volk

Did you accidently make a meal out of Deadly Galerina? Jump over to the toxin page to read up on the effects of the amanita toxin. The general phylogeny of this mushroom can be found in the classification page which explains how the fungi received its scientific name: Galerina autumnalis.  The nutrition page helps to demonstrate the mushroom's interesting way of acquiring food that is specific to the phyla of basidiomycota.

Having trouble finding G. autumnalis? This "fun-guy" can be found in a specific mossy habitat that contributes and adapts to the environment by playing a significant role which is better explained in the habitat and adaptations page. Other organisms that can be found in the same habitat as Galerina autumnalis are listed in the interactions page.

Read more about the life history and reproduction methods of the Deadly Galerina in the  reproduction page. Of course there are some interesting stories about this mushroom that can be found in the fast facts page. Also be sure to check out the sources used at the references tab. Click here to learn more about the author of the website or contact me at

Get started by looking into the toxin found in this little mushroom by clicking here!


*NOTE* After a study in 2001, it has been documented that Galerina autumnalis and Galerina marginata, along with a few other members of the genus, are genetically the same species (Gulden, 2001). The names of the mushroom are interchangeable. I just happen to prefer the pronunciation of Galerina autumnalis. It just rolls off the tongue!

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