Photography by Tom Volk


 My name is Kali Fleischauer and I am originally from the small town of Grantsburg in northern Wisconsin. I am currently a freshman at UW-La Crosse majoring in biology with a biomedical concentration and a minor in chemistry with the goal of going to medical school.

Exploring and being outdoors are things that I have always enjoyed since I was young. Biology kind of utilizes those qualities in people because when you start exploring and learning about one organism you begin to realize there are a lot of things in everyday nature that you know so little about.

I chose to do my assignment on Galerina autumnalis partly because previous to my organismal biology course I wasn't that familiar with fungi. Curiosity struck when I heard the name and then I just dove into finding out what I could. The fact that a few of these little things could kill a healthy human adult was interesting enough from a medical standpoint!

I hope you enjoyed learning about this deadly little mushroom as I did!

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