How did the hyacinth get its name?
According to an ancient Greek legend, two gods Apollo and Zephyr, were enamored with a     young man named Hyakinthos. While Apollo was teaching Hyakinthos discus, Zephyr became overwhelmed with jealousy and (as he was the god of the west wind) blew the discus off course. It struck Hyakinthos, killing him. A flower is said to have grown from the places where his blood was spilled, and Apollo named hyacinth.

What do the different colors of hyacinth signify?
    Due to their connection to Ancient Greece, the hyacinth symbolizes sport or play, but is also said to represent constancy. More specifically, each of the different colors are said to have their own significance. Blue hyacinth are said to represent constancy; purple, sorrow; red/pink, play; white, loveliness; yellow, jealousy.

How long have hyacinths been planted commercially?
Hyacinths have been grown commercially since the 16th century.

March 7th is World Hyacinth Day!

Hyacinth can be traced back to Europe since Greek and Roman times -- writers Homer and Virgil both noted its fragrance.

Hyacinth is cultivated for perfume production in the Netherlands; however, the majority of hyacinth perfume is synthetic.

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