Hobo spider. Property of: Tobias Mercer

The Venomous Hobo Spider

Welcome to my webpage!  If you’re lookinHobo spider. Property of: K.S. Matzg to learn some cool stuff about Tegenaria agrestis, the hobo spider, then you have come to the right place.  This webpage is full of some great information, and also some awesome pictures.  I guarantee you will learn something new about the hobo spider if you check out this webpage.

You can first look at the hobo spider’s Classification information.  This will show you how it got placed into the groups that it did, and it will also show some phylogenetic trees.  When you’re done looking at the classification, you can check out where the hobo spider lives by going to the Home of the Hobo page.  This page will show you where you can find hobo spiders and also the kinds of environments that they live in.  After habitat, make sure to check out the different Adaptations the hobo spider hHobo spider. Property of: K.S. Matzas acquired.  There are some pretty awesome characteristics seen in the hobo spider.  When you understand some of the adaptations that the hobo spider has acquired, you can then learn about how it uses them to obtain its nutrients in the Nutrition page.  You can see what the hobo spider eats, how it catches its food, and how the nutrients are spread throughout its body.

Like every animal, Tegenaria agrestis reproduces to keep the species extant.  If you click on the Life of the Hobo page, you will learn about how the hobo spider reproduces and also its life cycle.

The hobo spider comes into contact with different organisms on a regular basis.  Check out the Competitors & Predators page to see examples of different organisms that the hobo spider encounters.

If you didn’t know, the hobo spider is venomous, and you can look at the chemical composition of the Venom.  You can also learn about the effects that the venom has on people by checking out Bite of the Hobo Spider.

There have been people who have beenHobo spider. Property of: K. S. Matz bitten by Tegenaria agrestis, so I have included some Interesting Stories of people who have experienced this.  WARNING, it may scare you a little bit!

Of course, I needed lots of help creating this website and I used many wonderful sources.  To see a list of these sources check out my References page.  You can also click on Contact Me to learn a little more about the creator of this webpage.


Jake Jochum
Biology Major at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse
Contact me at: jochum.jaco@uwlax.edu

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