Cool Tidbits

Now that you have learned about the many ins and outs of the Amanita phalloides, let's learn about some cool and interesting facts the Death Cap possesses:

Throughout history, many details seem to show that the poison from the Death Cap secretly killed several important kings and queens. One such example is the murder of Roman Emperor Charles VI in 1740. Besides these attempts at murder, many people have died due to the Death Cap's resemblance to other fungus,  unbeknownst to them that they were ingesting poison.

Trying to cook or remove the poison will result in nothing. Do not attempt to remove the poison in hopes of trying to ingest the mushroom. There are plenty of other alternatives such as Morels. Mmmmmmm.

When studying Amanita phalloides, scientists have found that the older the mushroom gets, there is an increase in a foul odor emitted  by the fungus. This is due to old age of the mushroom as the younger mushrooms do not emit this smell.

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