The Amanita phalloides is really a world class traveler. Stretching its hyphae from Europe, all the way to parts of North America, the Death cap knows how to travel. Besides, the countries of Britain and Ireland, the death cap also has a major presence in other parts of Europe as well. The death cap occurs mostly where altitudes are lowest but some have been found to be all over as well. But the death cap did not stay in these vast European countries for long. The death cap now appears in Asian countries and at the tips of Northern Africa. But more interesting is that Amanita Phalloides can now also be found in Australia and South America.

As for the conditions the Death cap can grow in, the death cap requires not too many specifics to flourish. The Death cap only needs a plot of ground to start growing, which can either be by itself or in a wooded area. Other areas might include places where any sort of fungus might grow such as any strips of land or forests in the surrounding areas.

Above is a map of Europe. Colored in Green is the country of Britain and colored in red is the country of Ireland. This colored map shows the major areas of concentration for the Death cap. Other organisms that might fit into this niche would be any woodland creature or plant such as the Eastern Dwarf Mistletoe, which resides in mostly northern parts of North America just like the Death cap! Finally, one of the niches that the Death cap can take on the role of the decomposer at the lowest level of terrain, feeding on decaying matter and extending its hyphae through the ground.


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