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Hello there! My name is Alex Johnson and I am a freshman currently enrolled at UW-La Crosse. As of right now I plan on pursuing a Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice. For my future, I want to be able to help people, no matter what I am doing so I feel this field will do just that in varying ways. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends, read comic books, sing and just live life.

Doing this webpage has taught me to work with computers and the internet a lot more than before because this is my first attempt at a webpage although I am glad I managed to create a webpage I am proud of for my first try. I chose the Death Cap because it seemed like a good option at the time and there was a lot of information on it as well. It also just seemed interesting to me because it just seemed like a deadly type of poisonous organism which is cool. Special thanks goes out to all of those people that let me use their awesome photos and information such  as Michael Wood at I hope you enjoyed learning about the Death Cap and feel free to ask me any questions in my email at and I will try to reply as   quickly as I can! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you learned a lot!


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