The Black Mamba is void of any symbioses, and so doesn’t live in close interaction with any other organisms.  Its main interactions involve its prey and predators.  The black mamba is near the top of the food chain in its habitats.  It dominates smaller mammals and some birds (to learn more about another top predator in Africa, click here).  Its incredibly potent venom makes it one of the most feared snakes in the world.  It is because of this venom that the black mamba has very few predators.  One of the only predators that the snake has to worry about is the Mongoose.  The Mongoose has been adapted to be resistant to the black mamba venom, and so will go after the eggs and young of the snake.  The only other predators of the black mamba are human beings.  Many mambas are killed every year by humans not as a means of predation, but just as a result of fear.  Many people that live in Africa know of the black mamba and the deadly venom it possesses.  This scares many people, and because of this they will just kill the snake.  This fear has given rise to many myths among Africa about the deadly power of the snake.  One such myth says that the black mamba has the ability to grab its tail, forming a loop with its body, roll down a hill and lash out and attack someone.  Other myths show the mamba having exceptional intelligence, having the ability to plan attacks on humans and ambush them in cars when they reach their destinations.

Photo Courtesy of kibuyu,

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