The Black Mamba is a heterotroph, as are all organisms in the kingdom Animalia, which means it has to hunt and kill its food.  It is also a carnivore, as opposed to a herbivore or detritivore, meaning that it eats other animals.  Black mambas are diurnal snakes which means that they will hunt during the day in order to capture its prey.  They are cold- blooded however, and do require a significant amount of basking time in the sun to heat their bodies up.  The prey of the black mamba includes a variety of different organisms that include smaller mammals and birds such as voles, mice, squirrels and rats. To learn more about one of the prey of the black mamba, click here.

Photo Courtesy of Tad 20D,

But they do have the ability to take down larger prey as well. Black mambas have been found with parrots in their stomach as well as Forest Cobras.  When attacking some animals it will bite once, injecting its venom, and release.  It will then wait while the animal scurries away and the venom slowly kills it.  At this point the mamba will move in to have its meal.  Other smaller animals, it will attack and squeeze with its muscular body until paralysis sets in on the prey. This latter technique is the same one used to take down its aerial prey: birds.  To learn more about another vicious predator, click here.

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