Brown Recluse Spider

Interesting Facts


The following are a few interesting facts about the brown recluse:

A brown recluse with a slight variance in its color.  This photo is courtesy of


As seen in the pictures above and below, the brown recluse spider can have variances in color among members of the species.  Can you notice the difference?

A brown recluse with normal coloration.  This photo is the property of


This spider has never been known for attacking humans.  In fact, it is usually rather frightened of us.  The primary reason for biting humans is when it is attacked or provoked.

Even though it has extremely dangerous venom, the brown recluse actually has incredibly small fangs compared to most spiders.

The venom of a brown recluse spider is many times more poisonous than most venomous snakes.  However, they do not inject nearly as much venom into an organism when they bite as an average venomous snake, such as a rattlesnake, would.

The brown recluse reaches maturity after about 10 to 12 months, so it spends very little time in its adult form.  Click here to see how this compares to its life cycle.

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