Brown Recluse Spider



The brown recluse has developed some key features to aid in its hunting style but also its effectiveness as a species in general.  One of the most interesting physical features of this spider is its eyes.  Though most spiders have eight eyes arranged in two rows, such as the tarantula, the brown recluse has only six eyes arranged in a triangular pattern in sets of two.  Some experts believe this characteristic helps these creatures see better at night.  Brown recluses do all of their hunting and moving during the night hours.

These are the eerie eyes of the brown recluse.  This photo is the property of Jimmy Smith.

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Because this organism is not a fan of the light, it is usually hiding in its web during the day.  However, when it is time to hunt, the brown recluse is one of the fastest spiders there is!  Its long, slender legs allow it move its body swiftly along almost any surface.  This trait gives the brown recluse the edge when it comes to chasing down its food.  The brown recluse has also developed a powerful venom to paralyze and destroy its prey once it is captured.

Notice the large, defined pedipalps on this black skeletal spider.  This photo is the property of Chun Xing Wong.
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As with all spiders, brown recluses have evolved pedipalps.  These are two tiny, movable appendages by the mouth to help grab and position food while it is being consumed.  Some professionals believe these small structures used to be walking legs.

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