Hispaniolan solenodon


Hispaniolan solenodon on rockWhat is the difference between the terms venomous and poisonous? Venomous organisms actually inject a toxin into other organisms which comes from an internal gland most often times. However, poisonous organisms typically secrete their toxin externally. This is why it is extremely dangerous to touch or eat poisonous creatures. The Plumeria rubra is an example of a poisonous organism.


Hispaniolan solenodon by rockThe Hispaniolan solenodon has scent glands located in the armpits and groin region.

 The solenodon makes a clicking sound when hunting for food due to its ability to echolocate.


Jose Nunez-Mino with solenodon



What happens when a human is bit by a solenodon? A bite will not kill a human by any means. People who have experienced a bite typically have an inflamed area around the mark and a localized burning sensation, but no serious damage has been done.



Box Jellyfish




 The solenodon ranks #9 on the Top 10 Most Venomous Animals page. The box jellyfish comes in at #1. Look and see what other nasty creatures qualified!



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