Hispaniolan solenodon


Anterior view of Hispaniolan solenodonBecause the Hispaniolan solenodon is a nocturnal mammal, it has very few known interactions with other organisms. S. paradoxus can become startled very easily, especially by high-pitched or sharp sounds. It is easily irritated into scrappy rages with solenodons and other species. Solenodons are, in fact, not immune to their own toxin.



Mongoose (predator to Hispaniolan solenodon)The Hispaniolan solenodon has very few native predators. Because of this, it seems very slow and runs in essentially a zig-zag pattern. Watch this short video of the solenodon waddling away from the camera. When it becomes scared, it will take off with some speed but still in an erratic pattern. Several imported predators have become a serious threat to the solenodon because they are much bigger and faster. Mongoose, dogs, cats are the main imported predators of S. paradoxus. Because of its low productive rate, the Hispaniolan solenodon is extremely vulnerable to these predators or any other negative impact on the population. It has been observed to sit still with its head hidden while predators draw near.


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