Hello and welcome to my webpage! I am a student at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, and each year in Organismal Biology, a topic is chosen for each student to make a webpage on and the webpages are posted to multipleorganisms.net. This years topic is poisonous and venomous organisms, so I chose the fungus Hypholoma fasciculare. I hope you enjoy my webpage and walk away knowing a thing or two more about the this cool fungus!
This fungus is more commonly called sulphur tuft or the green-gilled woodlover. It acquired this name because of the exoenzymes that H. fasciculare produces that are able to break down dead wood exceptionally well. The sulphur tuft belongs to the basidiomycota phylum, which means the spores are sexually produced and are borne externally on the gills of the mushroom. H. fasciculare is a poisonous fungus that is commonly found in temperate areas and is more often found in bunches rather than single mushrooms.
Hypholoma fasciculare bunches
Photo © John Plischke III.