About Me

Hello, my name is Brittany Mackesey and I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I am majoring in biomedical sciences with aspirations of being a dentist someday. I plan to graduate in 2016, and then continue on to dental school.

 Though free time isn’t easy to come by, when I have some in La Crosse, I enjoy running, hiking the bluffs, and spending time with my friends.

 Back at home in Fitchburg, Wisconsin I spend almost all of my time with my family which consists of my parents, my older brother, and my younger sister. Living five minutes outside of Madison is nice when I want to go to the city, but most of the time I prefer the quiet and space provided by my suburb. In the winter I enjoy snowboarding but I prefer summer for wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, or anything else that can be done in a lake.

 I decided to research Plesiomonas shigelloides because this bacterium affects numerous organisms, including humans, and fish, such as the clown fish. Learning about how and why this bacterium is capable of infecting humans can be related to how other pathogens work as well. This knowledge can be applied in the medical field, which is perfect for me.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this bacterium as much as I have! To learn about other interesting organisms from tobacco to the orangutan, visit MultipleOrganisms.net!

 For more information…

You can contact me at: mackesey.brit@uwlax.edu

You can contact Dr. Sandland at: gsandland@uwlax.edu

And you can contact Dr. Volk at: tvolk@uwlax.edu