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My name is Logan Mara and I am currently a Freshmen at the University of
Wisconsin-La Crosse. My major at the moment is pre-med/biology with a minor in Spanish. My ultimate goal is to be anywhere in the medical field but my ultimate goal is to be an orthopedic surgeon. I belong to a family of five with two younger sisters. My parents have guided me wonderfully throughout the years and through their guidance I enlisted into the Air National Guard. It was an easy decision for me to make since my father is a Major and my mother already served her twenty years in the Guard. In high school I was a pitcher for the five time state champion team and in my senior year we won the school's sixth championship. I couldn't ask for a better friend group from back home. There are so many names to list but two people who I want to mention are my girlfriend Shay and my best friend and comrade Brigham. Within the next couple of years I hope to be at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and continue my education after basic training.

Cell Phone: 608-345-5200

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