All species within the Phyllobates are found in close proximity from south Central America to the upper regions of South America. Furthermore the terribilis is confined to a very small part of rainforest in the Pacific coast of Colombia. These rainforests are known as lowland Amazonian rainforests and they receive up to five meters of rain per year. Within these rainforests you can find these poisonous frogs living on the hills of elevations from 100-200 meters and their preferred areas would be on wet gravel by small saplings with little to no leaf debris. The most common place for the frog is within its small area on the upper Rio Saija Drainage in Quebrada Guangui but is also found at La Brea in Colombia. The area around the drainage has seen an increase in the amount of human activity such as agricultural and mining cultivation. This increase in human activity has led to a loss in population for the frogs and they are now on the endangered species list. The frog is terrestrial, however, it uses the surrounding freshwater as a breeding pool for its eggs. They live near smaller streams now since the forest near large streams                                                                   Photo from public domain
have been cleared for agriculture or are dense secondary growth forest.

Photo courtesy of Dirk Ercken

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